Parenting together after a divorce

Parents in Libertyville, Illinois can learn to work together effectively to help raise their children even after getting a divorce.

A divorce can end a marriage but it does not end a relationship between people who have children together. When those children are still minors, the need to find ways to work together on an ongoing basis is important. A child custody agreement can determine with whom children live or who can make decisions for the children but it cannot navigate the daily communications that often take place.

Make it about the children

According to an article in Psychology Today, the ability of divorced parents to work well together is highly important for children. This can be made more possible when parents retain a clear focus on what is in the best interests of the children instead of on what they themselves want.

One recommendation for facilitating good co-parenting and helping children after a divorce is to maintain the schedules for visitation as agreed upon in the divorce parenting plan. This is especially relevant for younger children and infants as routines provide critical stability and emotional balance. As children get older and their activities change, some flexibility in schedules can be appropriate and positive.

Parents are also strongly encouraged to let their kids see them being polite and kind toward each other. Even the simple act of a pleasant greeting when dropping off or picking up the children sends a positive message to the children. When the kids are aware that both parents have been involved in making a decision or that they have worked together on an issue, this lets the kids know that their parents are still united in this way.

Leverage available tools

Technology can offer some assistance to divorced parents looking for ways to reduce conflict levels. The Huffington Post offers information about apps that help people track and manage child-related expenditures. This is one way that many former spouses simplify these issues and eliminate problems before they even start. The apps keep things very organized and take the burden off of the spouses to manage these things.

Custody in Illinois

According to the Cook County Court website, Illinois courts will award joint custody in situations where parents demonstrate an ability to work well together. A full joint custody award gives equal responsibility for decision making to both parents. While one parent is deemed the residential custodian, the children can still spend equal time with both parents.

What should parents do?

When a divorce is imminent, seeking help is a must, especially when children are involved. Securing the right attorney should be one of the first things that people do in these situations.

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