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Illinois has strict visitation policies: Learn more

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Family Law |

Illinois is one state with extremely strict requirements for child custody. The laws are firm, which makes it possible to protect children regardless of their circumstances.

In Illinois, the courts are able to make decisions about:

  • Where visitation can take place
  • When supervision is necessary for visitations with a child
  • Whether to allow overnight visits with a parent
  • Whether a parent should have a right to visitation if they are under the influence or were under the influence of drugs or alcohol before a scheduled visit.

Only parents have the right to parenting time by law in Illinois. There are some exceptions in which grandparents, great-grandparents, siblings or others may step in and ask for visitation, but these exceptions are few and far between in Illinois.

The courts dole out parenting time in accordance with the child’s best interests. Parents can submit an agreed-upon parenting plan and have it approved by the court, but the court will decide if it is acceptable. If not, the court will dictate the terms of any parenting plan it sees fit. The courts do not restrict parenting time unless there is evidence that the child could be put in danger physically, emotionally, morally or mentally as a result of granting parenting time.

With Illinois maintaining such strict laws, it’s often worrying to parents and others who would like to be in a child’s life following their parents’ divorce. Our site has more on family law and custody, so you can learn about your options when it comes to visitation with a loved one.