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Changing your child’s school after divorce: Factors that matter

On Behalf of | May 30, 2019 | Family Law |

When you and your spouse divorce, one of the things you might need to consider is changing your child’s school. Both of you may find that you need to move to a new home or apartment due to downsizing after divorce, for example, and you’ll need to work out how to continue to manage your custody plan and keep your child in school.

Sometimes, staying in the same school isn’t possible. For example, you might take a job in a nearby district, but your ex-spouse might take a higher job offer an hour away. In that case, you may need to talk about several things to determine who should have custody during the school year.

How can you choose a different school for your child after divorce?

While it would be better to keep your child in the same school in most cases, it might not be possible. If that’s your reality, then you will want to consider any new school’s:

  • State testing scores
  • Graduation rates
  • Qualifications
  • Distance from your home (and the possibility of bus service)
  • Opportunities and services, such as educational supports or sports your child enjoys

Overall, if you have to look at two new schools, you’ll want to try to find the better school for your child. If they’re both similar, then you and your ex-spouse will want to talk about how to manage custody and which school makes that easier for you throughout the week.

Everyone’s situation is different, so choosing the best school for your child has to be based on your shared preferences. Once you choose, you can continue building your custody schedule and parenting plan.