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Child support is a necessity: Your child shouldn’t go without it

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Child Support |

As a parent who has been struggling to obtain child support from your ex-spouse, it is understandable that you are annoyed and extremely frustrated with the system. Child support is there to provide your child with extra financial support. The idea is that the extra financial support provides your child with a home that is similar to a two-parent household, even though they primarily live with one parent over the other.

The parent who has visitation generally pays child support to the primary custodian. The primary custodian can then use that child support for anything their child needs. This includes saving it for their college education, buying them clothing, spending money on food, eating out or even going on vacation.

Some parents argue child support should not be necessary when both parents share custody equally or close to equally. In this case, both of you may be able to work out a child support agreement that is right for your situation. You can also use the state’s calculations.

While some parents disagree that they should have to pay child support when sharing custody relatively equally, it is normally the parent who earns more money who pays a lesser-earning parent a predetermined amount of child support. By helping through child support, it may be possible to boost your child’s living environment or to support the things they want to do while with the parent who earns less.

In the end, all child support goes to your child. Regardless of where they live, they need it and deserve it. Our site has more on this important topic.