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Sharing custody doesn’t always eliminate child support payments

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Illinois parents may be required to pay child support even if they share physical custody of their children with their former spouses. This is because there may be ongoing expenses that need to be taken care of regardless of which parent a child spends time with. Typically, the amount of support a parent owes depends on how much he or she makes. It may also depend on how many nights a child spends at a given parent’s house.

Judges are also free to account for any other factors that may be relevant when making a child support order. As a general rule, state guidelines can be modified if they would create a result that is unfair to one or both parents. A parent may be required to contribute to the cost of clothing, child care or other extraordinary expenses that may be incurred as a byproduct of a custody arrangement.

Parents often negotiate child support agreements on their own. This may provide them more flexibility to adequately care for their children without being forced to make payments on a regular schedule. Ideally, any agreement that parents make between themselves will put their child’s needs ahead of their own.

Individuals who have questions about child custody and parenting time after a divorce may benefit from speaking with an attorney. Doing so may help a parent learn more about his or her rights and how to preserve them. It may also help a person create child custody or support terms that benefit his or her children now and in the future. If necessary, legal counsel may represent a parent during child custody or support hearings.