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Job performance may drop off during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Firm News |

In an Illinois divorce, there are both legal and personal pressures. These may combine to distract someone from doing the other things in their life that need to be accomplished every day, such as being successful on the job. One needs to be careful to make sure that the stress associated with the divorce does not detract from their job performance.

One of the most important things that an employee can do is communicate. The employer may notice that there has been a dropoff in work performance. Without knowing why it is happening, they may give the employee a negative performance review or even terminate them. The employee should tell their boss that they are going through a divorce so the supervisor will at least have some context. It is up to the employer how much they choose to share with their boss. While they should tell their supervisor, they should also be selective with what they tell to coworkers.

Job performance may also be dependent on how a person handles the emotional turmoil of a divorce. If they seek help and try to emotionally heal, they may be able to focus better at work. While it is certainly acceptable to concentrate more on work during this time, it should also not become an addiction for the employee that would keep them from working on themselves emotionally.

Hiring a family law attorney may keep someone performing well at work since it will free the employee from having to deal with some of the details of the divorce. People have limited capacity to handle things and having to draft court filings and handle negotiations can take away focus from employment. An attorney could make their client’s life easier by dealing directly with the other side and sparing their client from having to do the unpleasant things that are a part of the divorce.