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The benefits of co-parenting with joint physical custody

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Child Custody |

Parents who go through a divorce or split from their unwed partner in Illinois have a huge obligation to their children. Children can experience myriad emotions and fears when their family lives change dramatically. However, parents can soften the blow of their split by co-parenting. There are numerous benefits to co-parenting with joint physical custody of your child.

Better outcomes for children

Studies have shown that children who spend time with both parents through joint physical child custody fare better in their lives than kids in situations in which one parent has sole physical custody. Overall, children can do better academically, emotionally and in other ways. With joint physical custody, kids are less likely to experiment with cigarettes, drugs or alcohol; bully others; and experience behavioral problems.

Babies can do well

Infants and toddlers can do just as well when their parents have joint physical child custody. It is not harmful when a baby spends some nights with one parent and then other nights with his or her other parent. An infant’s emotional bond with either parent can become stronger as a result of shared custody.

Parents’ income is not an issue

When children spend time with both parents due to joint physical custody, they do better overall regardless of their parents’ respective incomes. Parents who have joint physical custody also are not wealthier than those with sole physical custody.

Most parents don’t initially agree on parenting plans

Usually, parents don’t initially agree on parenting plans. There may be a lot of negotiations occurring before the one parent who was initially opposed to the plan finally agrees. In some cases, there may even be court orders involved before a parent becomes amenable to the plan. Still, children in joint physical child custody arrangements in these families have better outcomes than those involving sole physical custody.

These are only a few of the benefits of co-parenting. Even though you and your ex are no longer together, your bonds with your child can strengthen through them.