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What are the key legal issues in a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Child Custody, Divorce |

Planning to end your marriage in Libertyville requires a lot of thought. Much of the reasons for wanting to divorce will naturally be emotional. However, after you have processed your emotions, you will need to focus on practical matters. Here are the three key legal issues that you need to be aware of in a divorce.

Dividing your debts and assets

The first of the key divorce legal issues is determining how you will divide your assets and debts. This is an area that will benefit from a lot of careful consideration.

You may wish to hire a professional appraiser to give all your assets a realistic evaluation. Doing so will help you arrive at an agreement that will satisfy the needs of both parties.

Sharing custody of your children

If you have children that are still underage, you will need to decide how or if to share custody of them. This can be one of the most complex and contentious issues that you will face during your divorce.

You may wish to hire a divorce coach to help you plan out all of the details of a proposed custody arrangement. This will assist you to work out such thorny issues as travel, education, health, introducing your children to a new partner, and others.

Deciding if alimony is required

Possibly the most contentious issue of all will be the awarding of alimony. This is an area where the aid of a legal representative can help. These are payments that will help the lower-income spouse meet the needs of the children.

A great deal of negotiation, along with a decision from the court, will be required to set this amount. This is an area where practical judgment should take precedence over emotional reactions.