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How to modify a child support order in Illinois

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | Child Support |

Illinois parents who have a child support order in place might find it necessary to seek a modification of that order. Child support orders can be modified as the children age, their needs change and the parents’ situations evolve.

Child support obligation

Parents are obligated to continue financially supporting their children even they are no longer in a relationship. This means that both parents will need to continue meeting their children’s financial needs usually until they are 18, or older if the child has a disability and is not able to take care of themselves.

Modifications to the child support order

Illinois law states that child support orders should be reviewed every three years. However, if there is a significant change in circumstances, parents can request a revision of the support order before the three years.

Reasons to request a modification

Parents might request a review for child support order modification for specific reasons. These include:

  • A significant change in income from unemployment or getting a raise
  • A major change in financial circumstances such as receiving an inheritance
  • The birth of a new child with increased expenses for the paying parent
  • A growing child’s new needs such as health issues, education or extra-curricular activities

Process for requesting a modification

To begin the process, either parent might request a modification. Both parents will then need to fill out a Certification of Income and Expenses form and a review will be conducted to certify all the financial information. After this review, you will be notified if any change will be made. If you do not agree with the result, you can request further action, including a court hearing to contest it.

There is a burden of proof when requesting a modification to a support order. Make sure you have all your information ready to show why a change is needed.