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Holidays and parenting plans

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Child Custody |

When the holiday season arrives in Illinois, divorced parents may need to work out some alterations to their current parenting plans. Communication is often the key to making such changes.

Holidays and visitation schedules

Parenting plans make it less challenging for ex-spouses to share custody or engage in visitation smoothly. Not all parenting plans consider the holiday season, even though the time of the year might lead to changes in a regular schedule. For example, one spouse might need to travel, potentially opening more visitation time to the other. Or, a spouse may wish to travel with their child to a vacation spot, which may cut into the other spouse’s visitation time.

While it is said the holidays can creep up on people, the reality is everyone knows when the festive season arrives. Working out changes to a parenting plan weeks before the holidays could make things easier for everyone.

Some parenting plans cannot be changed without the court’s approval. Spouses who require permission to make changes may need to run things by the court. If the parents cannot agree on changes, a spouse may go to court to address the disagreement.

Financial concerns during the holidays

Another issue of concern would be the ability to make child support payments. The financially struggling might find the holiday season brings even more budget strain. Missing child support payments, however, could be troubling. Communicating with a spouse about any problems may be advisable. Those suffering economic troubles may need to seek a child support modification order.

Returning to court might be necessary if an ex-spouse proves unreliable or difficult regarding visitation and support issues. The court could address such problems when the parties cannot work things out.