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When it comes time to consider a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Divorce |

Marriages can’t thrive when they are founded on abuse and toxicity. For any relationship to work, the Illinois spouses have to be able to work together to make it happen. When that is no longer in the cards, it may be time to consider a divorce.

Is there still love in the relationship?

Whether one can’t love the other or neither people love each other anymore, couples’ feelings towards one another have a huge bearing on whether or not a marriage thrives. Some people are simply incompatible.

Personality disorders are not at all uncommon, and many of them make it challenging or even impossible to feel love. Whether this is an inability to love anyone or your partner specifically, this inevitably creates an unsustainable situation.

Even being passive can create a big enough problem that it leads to divorce. Partners who are passive to a pathological degree tend not to bring anything to the relationship and function as a dead weight. The other partner has to figure everything out on their own as if they’re not in a relationship at all.

Escaping abuse

Couples often get divorced because their relationship either became toxic over time or was toxic from the start. Some people tend to bring out the worst in one another.

There are times when staying in a relationship creates a dangerous situation for yourself and others. Ending a marriage may become prudent when there are other people’s lives to consider, especially kids.

Any type of abusive situation tends to be difficult to get away from once you’re in it. It may help to remind yourself that the abuser has already soiled the marriage with their actions, and it’s not your fault. Leaving still hurts, but it will be worth it.

Addiction in its many forms can lead to a divorce. Whether it’s a dependence on substances or technology, checking out mentally means checking out from the relationship. This leaves the partner alone even though they are married. Living in the same house with their partner can only add to the feeling of isolation.