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Get Your Children The Education And Day Care They Need

While Illinois child support generally is decided using a formula in the family courts, there is some flexibility to request education and day care expenses for your child.

Education expenses can range from preschool care and extracurricular activities to college tuition. In some instances, a judge can even grant child support for transportation, books, fees, application costs and living expenses for parents of college students. As the costs of higher education rise, these are more important than ever to include in your child support agreement.

Day care expenses are equally important. After all, while each parent has his or her parenting time, there may be times when both parents are working and nobody is able to watch the child. Day care expenses should not be a burden for one parent — which is why family court judges may decide to include some of these costs in the child support terms.

Child Support Agreements That Support The Child

While many divorce lawyers market themselves as aggressive litigators who will fight for as much as they can get, our attorneys understand that when it comes to your child, you need solutions that work for the years to come.

That’s why for Lake County families, we fight tirelessly for the child support terms that best support their children. As circumstances changes, we can also advocate for modifications to your agreement or order to better reflect the current situation.

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