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A guide to equitable property division in an Illinois divorce

When you bought furniture for your home with your spouse, you were probably not thinking about who would get it if you got divorced. Illinois does not have laws to require an equal split of marital property, meaning you could be arguing over furniture and other assets in the presence of a judge. Instead, marital property in Illinois is distributed under the system of equitable distribution laws. This means your marital property is divided in a manner that is considered fair rather than a literal equal split down the middle. 

Dividing retirement accounts in divorce

Dividing any retirement accounts which have accumulated during the time of your marriage is a critical step that may make the difference between financial comfort and struggle down the road. With the help of a family attorney who can help you properly draft a "qualified domestic relations order", known as a QDRO, you can legally divide retirement accounts between you and your spouse based on agreeable terms, or, in cases where no agreement can be reached, terms determined by the judge presiding over your case.

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