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What To Do When One Parent Relocates

After a divorce, you may have an added layer of considerations to make when you want to move. When children are involved, you can’t just move anywhere — in severe instances, this may be viewed as child abduction. But what if you want to make a move with the children?

At Beermann Law Group, Ltd, our lawyers can help your family make the decisions it needs to make, while ensuring that the legal process runs smoothly. We can help you evaluate whether a move is possible and work with you to obtain court permission to do so if necessary.

What Rights Do Parents Have In Illinois?

In Lake County, Cook County and McHenry County, parents can move within 25 miles of the marital residence (where the children are currently staying) without court permission. If you want to move the children any further away, you will need permission from an Illinois family court judge.

If you are not moving with the kids, you can move wherever you want — but you may need to alter your child custody or parenting time agreement in family court. Judges always try to accommodate a change in circumstances to promote a healthy parent-child relationship, but the terms of your agreement may change depending on your move.

We Look Out For Your Children

Much like the state’s judges, our attorneys put your children first. Our counsel is designed to give your kids the best chances at success in the years to come. After all, parental relocation is a big decision, but it may affect the children even more than the parent.

To discuss your options and the best path forward, call our office at 847-680-7070 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Or you can reach out online to make your appointment.