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Get The Child Support Your Child Needs To Thrive

Child support is not about either parent. It’s about the child. Divorce can have a profound impact on a child’s livelihood, but it should never leave a child worse off as a result of the parents’ disagreements.

At Beermann Law Group, Ltd, we fight not only for your parental rights, but also for what is best for the children involved. Our child support attorneys understand the range of costs you may need to share with your former spouse, including:

  • General expenses. It’s not cheap to raise a child. Everything from clothing to food costs money, and both parents have a responsibility to contribute to these expenses.
  • Education expenses. For your child to receive the quality education he or she deserves in Illinois, you may need financial assistance from the other parent. This can include preschool costs, university costs and everything in between.
  • Day care expenses. You have parenting time, but during the day when both parents are working, you may need to pay for day care. These costs shouldn’t fall exclusively on one parent.
  • Health care. While one parent may be able to make health care decisions through a child custody arrangement, both parents should have to front the costs of quality health care for their child.

Lake County families trust our lawyers to put their child’s well-being at the forefront of their case. We will look out for you, and we fight for what’s right.

Life Changes; So Can Your Child Support Terms

Child support is never set in stone. Just like custody, child support can be modified when circumstances change. Support is supposed to make up for what the child would have had if the marriage had continued, so when one parent loses a job or gets a significant raise, your child support agreement should reflect these changes as well.

Our law firm offers thorough representation and can help you establish or modify child support terms. Call our office in Libertyville at 847-680-7070 or send us an email to schedule a free 30-minute consultation today with our attorneys.