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Should your child go to therapy during or after a divorce?

Children don't always adjust well to changes. Some children may struggle to adapt when they move or when a loved one isn't around as often as they once were. For some, going through a divorce is a disruption that is not easily surmounted.

As a parent, there can be nothing more difficult than watching your child suffer. That's why you and your ex-spouse have been working together to help your child adapt. You both speak freely with them and allow them time to see either of you as and when necessary. You've stayed friends with your ex-spouse, so letting your child see you both isn't a problem, but sudden breakdowns, tearful episodes and tantrums have you questioning when things will get better.

Keeping the house after divorce: Is it wise?

The thought of moving into a new home after divorce can be daunting for some people. Packing up the house, looking for a new place and moving can just seem like too much to do in the wake of a stressful event. However, staying in the marital home is not always wise - or feasible.

Before you decide that you want to keep your marital home, you should consider a few caveats.

Using technology to your advantage during and after divorce

Technology is virtually inescapable today, from the computers we use for work to the cellphones we carry with us. Even our homes are strewn with technological devices that dim our lights and lock our doors.

Whether you feel nervous or excited by these advances, the fact is that technology plays a role in nearly every aspect of our lives. This includes family legal issues like divorce. Therefore, it can be helpful to embrace technology so you can use it to your advantage when navigating a family legal matter.

What to know about mediating your Illinois divorce

Divorce is a difficult life event, but there are options to make the process less painful and a little more cooperative. This can be an attractive possibility for parties who are divorcing but don't want a contentious, lengthy courtroom split.

One route to a more amicable divorce is to pursue mediation. Below are a few important pieces of information you should know if you are considering mediation, or if you have prematurely decided against it.

Using text messages in divorce court

A lot of people tend to disassociate what they put on their phone with the real world. However, the things you text and post on social media can have a profound impact on the real world, especially as you head into divorce proceedings

Text messages can function as crucial pieces of evidence to a judge. Your spouse may send you threatening text messages, and you need to retain records of everything your partner sends you. In fact, you need to start preserving texts from the moment you suspect you will file for divorce in the future. If you have texts that you want to bring to a judge's attention, then here are a few items to bear in mind. 

Planning your first holiday season post-divorce

The holiday season is here. While this should be a happy time of year for people, the truth is that it can be incredibly stressful, especially for anyone navigating it for the first time after a divorce.

This year, you may not see your children when you want to; your family gatherings can be more difficult than ever. You may be worried about finances. While this can all seem overwhelming and upsetting, know that there are some ways you can approach this season to make it easier. One way to do this is to start thinking about your holiday plans now. More specifically, consider your budget, your child custody plan and your social calendar.

What are the consequences if I violate our custody order?

Sharing custody of your child is not easy, particularly when you share it with someone you do not like or trust. Some parents are so upset that they are tempted to try and hurt the other party by not complying with the order.

However, disobeying a custody order is one of the biggest mistakes a parent can make regarding their custody agreement. Parents and other parties can face serious consequences for custody violations.

Child support is a necessity: Your child shouldn't go without it

As a parent who has been struggling to obtain child support from your ex-spouse, it is understandable that you are annoyed and extremely frustrated with the system. Child support is there to provide your child with extra financial support. The idea is that the extra financial support provides your child with a home that is similar to a two-parent household, even though they primarily live with one parent over the other.

The parent who has visitation generally pays child support to the primary custodian. The primary custodian can then use that child support for anything their child needs. This includes saving it for their college education, buying them clothing, spending money on food, eating out or even going on vacation.

Can virtual visitation reduce stress in custody cases?

Child custody can be hard to discuss when you're trying to manage all the emotions that you're already going through during a divorce. Even though you're aware that you're going to have to share time with your child, it's hard to imagine them not being with you every day.

Fortunately for parents today, there are many options for virtual visitation that can help ease the pain of the transition from having a child every day to every few days or a few times a week.

3 child healthcare concerns after divorce

Parenting in a post-divorce family often requires thinking outside the box. After all, if you share parenting duties with your former partner, you must be sure to consider his or her concerns. When it comes to your child’s healthcare, though, you may face additional challenges. 

Even under ideal circumstances, healthcare in the United States can be complex and tough to navigate. Dealing with insurance providers, doctors, hospitals and specialists can seem like a full-time job. When you add in your child’s best interests and the viewpoint of a co-parent, you are likely to have your hands full. Rather than letting anxiety get the better of you, consider the following healthcare concerns for your post-divorce family: 

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