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Business may complicate property division in your divorce

When you are facing divorce, you are probably not looking forward to the property division process.

If a family business is involved, you may already feel overwhelmed. However, the more you know about what to expect, the easier it will be to get through it.

A new state law addresses pet custody

Your animals are essential to your family. They provide comfort, entertainment and probably occasional frustration, and the idea of parting with your beloved pet is distressing. Along with decisions about how to divide money, property and possessions, pet owners must decide what to do with their companion animals.

Deciding what to do with the furry members of your family during a divorce is a difficult decision for most couples. Both spouses have cared for the animal and developed a strong attachment. Most couples decide who will be keeping the pets outside of the courtroom, but for those that cannot judges step in and make a final decision.

With more assets, more mistakes are possible in your divorce

Divorce is an emotionally draining process, especially when it comes to the serious matter of splitting up marital property. You just want to put the whole thing behind you, but you must proceed carefully.

Some divorcing couples have significant assets, and the higher the net worth, the more opportunity there is for error. If you are in this position, here are four common mistakes to avoid.

Prenups are on the rise. Here's why.

The prenup jokes have been around as long as there have been prenups. "What do you get for a woman who has everything? A prenup." A Hollywood divorce attorney once said a celebrity who doesn't draw up a prenuptial agreement needs a psychiatrist, not a lawyer.

However, for many couples looking to get married, a prenup can be a very serious safeguard in case the marriage does not last.

Social media is tricky territory for those facing divorce

The posts and pictures you share online can show up as evidence in your divorce case. If you have nothing to hide, that should not bother you.

However, if you tell the court how broke you are, you should not be posting photos of your trip to Hawaii with the new love in your life.

How does the Illinois court view child support modification?

Unfortunately, you lost your job. However, you have just started a new job with better prospects for the future. The only problem is that the starting pay is lower than what you had been earning.

The new company will not consider a salary increase until you complete the six-month probationary period. Meanwhile, the amount of the monthly child support payments you are making will be hard on your budget. Consequently, you are going to request a modification to the existing child support agreement you have with your ex-spouse, and you wonder if the court will approve it.

How to prepare for property division during your divorce

Many people feel more organized when they make lists. If you are going into a divorce, jotting down items of marital property will help both you and your attorney sort the information properly.

Certain items may be classed as non-marital in nature and therefore not affected by the divorce because they are yours to keep. It is likely, however, that you have skipped over some assets that you should actually include on your list.

Does your new job signal a need for child custody changes?

Changes are a normal part of our journey through life, and sometimes they affect the agreements we have in place. If you are a divorced parent, a significant change in circumstances may necessitate modification to your child custody agreement.

Any requested changes to such an agreement must be in the best interests of the children involved. You can engage the services of an experienced family law attorney who understands the court process and knows how the judge is likely to respond to your petition.

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