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Finding Amicable Solutions To Family Law Matters

Family law matters can be among the most emotionally difficult legal matters. Whether you are trying to reach an understanding during divorce or are protecting your kids after an episode of domestic violence, you need an experienced Libertyville family law attorney who will always work to protect your best interests.

At Beermann Law Group, Ltd, that is exactly what we do for individuals throughout Lake County, Cook County and the surrounding Illinois communities. We always strive to reach amicable resolutions, but we recognize that this is not possible in every situation. In those situations, we will aggressively defend your rights in court. To learn more about how we can help you, call 847-680-7070 or send us an email to schedule a free initial 30-minute consultation.

We have more than 40 years of experience representing individuals in a variety of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce: We work with individuals to find amicable solutions to all divorce matters, including custody, support and property division matters.
  • Child custody/allocation of parental responsibilities: Determining child custody and allocating parental responsibilities can be emotionally draining. We help parents understand the differences between custody and visitation, and we work with them to protect the best interests of their children throughout the process.
  • Visitation and parenting time: Parents want what is best for their children, and that includes spending time with them. We work with parents to create a visitation schedule that meets the needs of both parents and the best interests of the children.
  • Spousal maintenance: Supporting yourself financially when your marriage ends can seem frightening. We help individuals understand what financial support they can expect to pay or receive when the marriage is over.
  • Property division: When a marriage ends, all marital property must be divided between the couple. We help individuals determine how their property will be equitably divided and which debts and property each spouse will receive.
  • Child custody and support modifications: If there has been a substantial change of circumstances since the original custody and support arrangements, we can help clients modify the decree.
  • College expense contribution: The financial responsibility for a child may not end upon the child’s graduation from high school. We help clients understand, establish, modify and enforce obligations they may have as the result of a previous divorce agreement, judgment or parentage matter.
  • Domestic violence and orders of protection: Violence or harassment between couples or family members is a serious issue. We work with individuals to keep them safe after episodes of domestic violence or following an accusation of violence.
  • Adoption: Adoption is a great way to legally recognize relationships between loved ones. We work with individuals and families to help parents adopt related children and complete all the legal work necessary.

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Whatever your family law concern, we can help you find the solutions you need. Contact us via email or call 847-680-7070 to schedule your free initial 30-minute consultation with a member of our experienced team.