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Plan Ahead With Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Many Illinois couples have a negative view of prenuptial agreements, believing that they should simply trust each other when it comes to finances and other aspects of the marriage.

While every marriage is built on trust, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are valuable tools to plan out the terms of the marriage and protect both spouses from the worst possible scenario: a bitter and contentious divorce.

The family lawyers at Beermann Law Group, Ltd, have over 40 years of experience. We’ve seen it all and can help you design a prenup or postnup to avoid the most common pitfalls that may arise out of a marriage.

Your Marriage Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

When you get married, you combine your lives, your assets and your families. Should a divorce ever occur, unraveling these things can be extremely difficult, leading to a stressful divorce process.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements help to keep these aspects of your marriage separate before an issue arises. They are also useful for assets such as a family business, which would otherwise be torn apart during divorce proceedings.

Let Us Walk You Through Your Options

Our attorneys in Lake County are committed to securing and protecting your rights — before, during and after your marriage. As husbands, as parents and as lawyers, we bring a holistic perspective to each case, offering actionable legal advice backed by experience.

We are happy to walk you through your options during a free 30-minute consultation at our office in Libertyville. Call us today at 847-680-7070 or reach out online to make your appointment.