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When might a child custody arrangement need to be altered?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2024 | Child Custody |

A child custody arrangement determines how much time each parent spends with their children. This includes each parent’s responsibilities, such as picking their child up from school, making and attending doctor’s appointments for their children and buying their children new clothing, for example. 

Child custody arrangements don’t always stay the same. Modifications may be necessary in the following circumstances: 

A parent is relocating

When parents divorce and one parent keeps the house, the other often has to relocate. It may not always be possible for a parent to move close to where they once lived. If a parent is moving to a home that isn’t close to the other parent, then it could present hardships for a child. Parents may need to discuss how an altered child custody arrangement can help shorten the distance and allow each to retain their custody time. 

A work or school schedule has changed

Many child custody arrangements are organized around each parent’s school and work schedules. A parent may not have control over when they need to go to work or school. If a work or school schedule alters, then a child custody arrangement may need to be adjusted to match a parent’s new daily routine. 

A child has developed medical or cognitive conditions

Some children develop medical and cognitive conditions over time. These conditions often require parents to give their children special attention. A child custody arrangement may need to be altered if a parent needs to spend more time with their child to care for their needs.

A parent becomes unemployed

Unemployment can present many hardships for parents. An unemployed parent may only be able to afford their own necessities until they find new work. Parents may need to talk about altering a child custody arrangement until the unemployed parent finds a job. 

Do you need to alter a child custody arrangement? Then you may need to learn more about the legal process.