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Your child deserves support from both parents after divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2018 | Child Support |

Child support is an important factor in divorce cases, both during and after the case. It is important that children in divorced families receive the financial support they need to grow up in a secure environment.

Some people feel that paying child support is unfair, but the reality is that child support is a necessity for many individuals. Without support, there would be many parents struggling to provide for their children.

Why is child support a legal requirement in most cases?

It takes two people to create a child, and when two people take on the responsibility of raising a child, they both also take on the financial responsibilities that come with them. This responsibility doesn’t go away just because two people divorce. The child is still theirs, and that means that at least one parent is likely to need to pay support.

Support is usually paid to help boost the child’s financial support, but it doesn’t have to be used to pay only for things that the child needs, for example. Some things that child support might pay for include:

  • Food for the family
  • Rent for a better home location
  • Clothes
  • Extracurricular activity fees
  • Many other items

The reality is that the funds, no matter how they’re spent, are likely to benefit the child. In the rare case that a parent isn’t providing for your child with the support you provide, you may wish to reach out to the court for a review. Your child deserves the support provided, so they can live in a comfortable, supportive environment.