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Can virtual visitation reduce stress in custody cases?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Child Custody |

Child custody can be hard to discuss when you’re trying to manage all the emotions that you’re already going through during a divorce. Even though you’re aware that you’re going to have to share time with your child, it’s hard to imagine them not being with you every day.

Fortunately for parents today, there are many options for virtual visitation that can help ease the pain of the transition from having a child every day to every few days or a few times a week.

Virtual visitation, also known as digital visitation, has an important role in custody cases. It gives kids a way to see their parents, even when they can’t be with them. It includes activities such as:

  • Chatting through a messenger app
  • Playing video games together online
  • Using a webcam to make video calls to one another

Essentially, anything that you do through digital means can be considered virtual visitation. The best part is that it doesn’t have to interrupt the other parent’s visitation time or your custody schedule. Instead, it’s a quick, easy way to check in on your child or to allow them to see where you are when you’re away from home for work or other purposes.

If you think that virtual visitation could be helpful for you and your children, discuss it with your attorney. It’s possible that you could set up a virtual visitation schedule or allow for regular virtual communication regardless of which home your child is visiting. You and your co-parent should discuss the advantages of this option as well.