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Can parents negotiate child support?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2019 | Child Support |

Child support is important for children who have been through divorce. It’s a good method for making sure they have at least one home that has the support of both parents, even though their parents live apart.

Child support can still be a topic of contention, though, despite the fact that both parents probably agree on the needs of their child. It can be hard for the person paying support because they may lose a fairly large portion of their income toward that support and still have to raise their child, too. For the person receiving the support, it’s needed and appreciated, but they could feel that it’s not enough or feel guilty that the other person is having to pay so much.

Can parents decide on their own child support arrangements?

Interestingly, parents generally rely on the state’s guidelines, but you can come up with your own child support arrangements. For example, if you and your ex-spouse believe that you both have enough money to support your child without further support exchanging hands, you might waive it and just pay for anything your child needs while in your care. This is particularly common in cases where both parents share custody 50-50.

In other cases, you might take a slightly lower amount of support in exchange for additional support in other ways, such as providing additional necessities, like groceries.

Parents can decide what works best for them, but if they can’t, then the state guidelines may apply. Your attorney can talk to you more about what to expect as you negotiate child support.