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Shared parenting can help balance the gender pay gap

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Child Custody, Child Support |

When some Illinois parents decide to end their relationship, they will need to consider the options for child custody and support. In many cases, mothers, due to many legal and cultural factors, end up being the primary caretaker for their children. However, there is evidence that shared parenting benefits mothers, fathers and children emotionally and financially.

Why shared parenting helps

According to a survey conducted by Wealthy Single Mommy, mothers who shared custody equally with their children’s fathers benefited financially and were more likely to earn $100,000 or more than mothers who held primary physical custody with fathers who only had visitation rights. Traditionally, mothers have been the ones to make professional sacrifices to raise their families and when a divorce happens and they end up with primary custody, it is more challenging for them to earn what they need to maintain their family. The benefits of shared equal parenting do not end there. They include:

  • Helping fathers develop healthy supportive relationships with their children
  • Providing mothers with more support in raising their children and in developing better relationships with their children’s fathers.
  • Allowing both parents to fulfill their earning potential and to develop their professional careers

The myths about child support

One of the reasons mothers end up with primary custody is a belief that the more time a parent spends with their children, the more financial support they will get. But this is a myth. The reality is that only 34% of single mothers receive child support payments and the average of those payments is $287 per month, even though the average payment ordered is $480 per month.

Shared equal parenting is an option that many families should consider since it can help them financially and emotionally. Parents might start the process with the help of an attorney by creating a plan that best fits their family’s needs.