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What factors do courts consider for full custody?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2022 | Child Custody |

In Illinois, after you have divorced, you might want to be granted full custody of your child. There are different factors the court will consider when a parent makes such a request.

What is full custody?

Full custody is a combination of both legal and physical custody of a child. It gives one parent the legal right to make all decisions on behalf of their child and means that the child lives only with them.

If there are legitimate reasons why one parent needs sole custody, the court will take them into consideration when making a decision.

What factors determine child custody?

When a parent requests full custody from the court, they should be prepared ahead of time. This means looking presentable and maintaining a good demeanor. Remaining calm and mature can always help your case. The judge will take many factors into consideration when determining whether a parent should get full custody. The first is always what’s in the best interests of the child.

One parent being incarcerated could help the other’s ability to gain full custody. Drug or alcohol addiction is also a major factor. In some cases, both can show that the parent’s character is questionable. With the latter, if the individual’s addiction is stronger than their desire to be a good parent, it can weigh heavily in the favor of the parent seeking full custody.

Severe mental illness and a history of abuse are other factors the court takes into consideration in custody matters. Depending on the nature of either issue, it could be decided that the parent poses serious risks to the child’s emotional and even physical well-being. In the case of abuse, if it was committed against the child, the court could find the parent unfit and grant the other full custody.

Depending on the situation with their other parent, full custody could be the best thing for your child.