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Some ways to make a 50/50 child custody schedule

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Child Custody |

Illinois judges favor co-parenting schedules that give divorce parents an abundant amount of time with their children, absent factors such as domestic violence or substance abuse. You may have known families that have the children spend alternating weeks with each parent. This approach is easy for everyone to remember, but a different type of schedule could suit you and your children better. Here are a few alternatives.

3-4-4-3 schedule

Your child lives with you for three days and then goes to the other parent’s home for four days. The next seven-day block switches your time and gives you four days with your child, who then goes to the other home for three days.

2-2-3 schedule

This co-parenting schedule repeats the same simple pattern week after week. Your child is with you for two days and then lives for two days with the other parent. You then get another three days with your child. For the next week, you apply the same schedule except the other parent gets the three-day block.

Extended weekend schedule

Your child spends time with one parent for four weekdays and then goes to the other household for a three-day weekend. Co-parents can swap their weekdays and weekends when necessary.

Child custody scheduling considerations

You need to weigh many variables when you devise a co-parenting plan. Your child’s emotional, physical and social well-being must guide your decisions, but the work schedules and responsibilities of the co-parents also enter the equation. Work conflicts could dictate what form your schedule takes.

Where your relationship with the co-parent falls on the spectrum of amicable to hostile matters as well. If coordinating pickups and drop offs multiple times a week would add stress to your lives, you could look for ways to limit in-person meetings and communicate through text messages.