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Divorce may positively impact your work

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2023 | Divorce |

With the seemingly unending list of negatives that come with getting divorced, it’s nice when there are some potentially positive aspects of ending your marriage. One area where Illinois divorcees commonly find improvement as they take their first steps into this next chapter of life is in their work performance.

A chain reaction of positive effects

This improved work experience is often a gift that keeps on giving since it can easily lead to many other life benefits. You might make better money, which provides you with the opportunity to do more of the things you love.

People commonly find themselves freed up to pursue their passions, which can lead to a new side gig or open up a different career path entirely. You’ll also likely be more satisfied when you feel that you’re truly doing an outstanding job in your career, which may make it easier to be hopeful for the future.

It doesn’t work the same for everyone

While it’s great that so many people have experienced this positive change in the aftermath of their divorce, unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to everybody. A recent study found that almost 39% of respondents experienced a positive effect on their performance at work. But 44% of the respondents found that their work was negatively impacted.

Still, the number of people who saw a positive change in their professional lives has come as a surprise to some experts. The findings seem to challenge the commonly held belief that everything about getting divorced has to be negative.

The study suggests that people who are in dysfunctional relationships have a harder time excelling in their profession and climbing the career ladder. It seems that getting into a more positive environment in their home lives removed whatever barriers were keeping them from having a more satisfying and successful work experience.