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What is Illinois parallel parenting?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Child Custody |

Illinois parallel parenting is an option for divorced couples who can’t successfully co-parent. The main reason for this is usually because the divorced couple has too much anger toward each other.

Parallel parenting allows the parents to develop their schedules, rules and decision-making responsibilities pertaining to their child. The goal is to reduce conflict and create a stable and loving environment for the child.

When co-parenting fails

When parents can’t co-parent, it can create a negative environment for the child. Constant tension and conflict between the parents can cause emotional distress for the child. When co-parenting fails, the child might develop depression, anxiety and other mental issues.

The parallel parenting option

Parallel parenting is a child custody option that can work for divorced couples. Each parent can make their own decisions concerning some issues involving the child. For example, each parent can set the rules for their own home and set a schedule for the child to follow. Parents don’t need to compromise on every aspect of the child’s life.

The main benefit is that parallel parenting requires limited communication between the parents. This reduces conflicts and arguments that can arise with child custody options such as co-parenting. However, parents do have to communicate on big decisions such as the child’s healthcare, safety and education.

Benefits of parallel parenting

Parallel parenting is an option when parents can’t get along. It requires good organization and consistency but can work if the parents are willing. When parallel parenting works, it provides a stable environment for the child. This form of parenting also reduces tension and conflict between the parents. As a result, the emotional well-being of the parents and child may improve.