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Separating car insurance during divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Divorce |

Going through a divorce in Illinois can bring many changes. You and your spouse will likely have to split assets such as homes and vehicles. When making decisions about vehicles, divorcing couples may also have to change their automobile insurance policies.

Rate changes

Most likely, your automobile insurance rates will change after getting divorced. But don’t assume your insurance will automatically get more expensive. Sometimes, depending on the driving history of your ex-spouse, removing them from a policy after your divorce could reduce your insurance premiums. That said, unless you can add another person to your policy, you’ll stop qualifying for multiple-driver discounts.

Changes of address

In most divorces, one person will leave the marital home. If that’s you, ensure that you register your new address with your automobile insurance provider. Insurance companies base coverage on where someone garages their vehicle. You could face a claim denial if you try to update your claim without listing your new residence.

The primary policyholder

When married couples typically share policies, one person must serve as the primary policyholder. If your spouse was the primary policyholder and lives in the marital home, you could lose coverage by moving out.

Ensuring teen drivers maintain coverage

Some married couples also have teenagers in the mix when they divorce. If your child is a teen driver, they’ll need to be on a parent’s policy. Some insurance providers will list this driver on both parents’ policies—others will place the teenager on one parent’s policy.

It’s advisable to contact your insurance provider when your divorce is official. A company representative should be able to walk you through how to remain insured after divorcing.