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Is nesting the right child custody arrangement for me?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Child Custody |

Many couples undergoing divorce in Illinois worry about how their children will react to the split and want to ease the transition to separate households. One possible way to make the situation easier for your family is nesting.

What is nesting?

Nesting provides a solid structure for your children after you and your spouse divorce. It is a child custody arrangement where the children remain living in the family home and the parents take turns staying and taking care of them, according to a written agreement. The off-duty parent stays elsewhere until the time comes for the roles to switch.

Why consider nesting?

This child custody arrangement is an excellent arrangement for both children and parents. When you put your children’s welfare first, you provide them with safety, consistency and stability. They adjust to having one parent at a time without having to move between homes, thus easing stress.

For parents, nesting ends marital conflict as spouses will have minimal direct conflict. Each will have the opportunity to get used to solo parenting while also having the time and space to work through emotions and begin to make plans for the future. Spouses frequently use nesting to decide whether to reconcile or go through the divorce. If you decide on the latter, how long you continue to nest depends on your future circumstances.

Setting up your nesting plan

Putting your children first is an essential part of any post-divorce parenting plan. Nesting is a collaborative custody solution that can benefit the entire family. Your written agreement should include details like your alternating schedule, how to manage and share finances and expenses, communication, and handling emergencies and disagreements that will arise. You and your spouse should also determine how you will care for the home as you rotate in and out.

When negotiating your nesting arrangement, only agree on issues you can readily accomplish without problems. By focusing on your children’s needs, you will do what is best for them and ultimately stay out of court, reducing divorce costs.