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Understanding parallel parenting and if it’s right for you

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2023 | Family Law |

Getting a divorce is sometimes the only option for married Illinois parents. After this happens, parents must decide how to continue parenting their children. One option that may be beneficial after your divorce, especially if tensions are running high, is parallel parenting.

What is parallel parenting?

When two divorcing parents are on good terms, they can typically co-parent. A co-parenting arrangement involves parents working closely together. However, depending on many reasons, two parents may not always be able to work together. Parallel parenting lets parents who don’t get along continue raising their children.

When parallel parenting is best

Parallel parenting can be extremely beneficial for families in a post-divorce environment. The most obvious benefit of this arrangement is that adults who are at odds with one another don’t have to communicate with each other. This situation also benefits children of divorced parents. Under this arrangement, each adult gets parenting time with their children.

The disadvantages of parallel parenting

Unfortunately, this arrangement is often the hardest for children of divorced parents. Certain children might find themselves feeling significant disruptions under a parallel parenting schedule. It’s helpful for newly divorced parents to communicate with and listen to their children post-divorce. These conversations let parents understand if a new arrangement works or if changing this situation is best.

There’s no law that parallel parenting must be permanent. It is best for a divorcing couple to evaluate how this arrangement works. If things go well, a parallel parenting plan will be perfect. In the future, a strained relationship between a formerly married couple might improve. Then, both adults can decide if another arrangement will be better.