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The challenges of divorce after 50

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2024 | Divorce |

Divorce presents older spouses in Illinois with specific challenges. Whether socially or financially, starting over later in life can require preparation and adjustments to the changes.

Reasons for gray divorce

The reasons why people choose to divorce later in life are somewhat different than those that lead to it earlier in life. For example, many older couples choose to end their marriage once their children have left home. Often, they might have grown apart over the years or their plans for the future differ enough that they feel they cannot reach a compromise.

The financial challenges

One of the biggest concerns for older divorcing couples is the impact on their finances and their financial plans. Spouses might have accumulated a significant number of assets, some of them commingled, which can complicate the division of property. Spouses might be worried about how a divorce might impact their retirement plans, as they might have less chance to recover from any negative impact. Other financial concerns include:

  • How they will be able to support themselves post-divorce, especially spouses who might have been the stay-at-home parent
  • If they will be able to retire, particularly if they will be paying spousal support
  • How assets will be divided

The emotional challenges

Emotionally, a gray divorce can also pose significant challenges. Divorcing spouses might worry about the impact it can have on their adult children. They might also worry about how the breakup will affect them socially since they might fear losing friends who might take sides during the divorce. Spouses might also experience fear and anxiety about starting over later in life, with concerns about being lonely or not being able to make new relationships.

Divorcing after 50 does have its challenges. However, with time, spouses can work toward overcoming them so they can start a new, single stage of their life.