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Can you divide retirement accounts?

In some senses, it may be simple to divide your retirement savings during a divorce. You and your spouse may have been setting aside a certain portion of your income. The two of you can just split that account as you divide up the other assets that you own.  But...

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Navigating a toxic divorce

Navigating a toxic divorce In Illinois, you can divorce for any reason including the fact that you've simply fallen out of love with your spouse. However, your spouse may not like the idea of living without you. Therefore, he or she may stalk, harass or otherwise act...

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The challenges of divorce after 50

Divorce presents older spouses in Illinois with specific challenges. Whether socially or financially, starting over later in life can require preparation and adjustments to the changes. Reasons for gray divorce The reasons why people choose to divorce later in life...

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Your mental health and divorce

During and after a divorce in Illinois, you could encounter various issues that could impact your mental health. Without the proper treatment and support, these could also negatively impact your physical well-being. Loneliness One of the most common issues that can...

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Divorce and executive compensation

High earners in Illinois often receive more than a simple salary from their employers. Executive compensation packages could include stock options and restricted stock awards. Employers normally document these forms of compensation outside of payroll records, and...

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